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Eksces (Polish for unusual, over-the-top behaviour, usually not accepted by the society) originates from a logotype for a personal project. Although the Eksces project was never developed, the visual language of the logotype was expanded into a display typeface.

The outer geometrical construction is challenged with curves inside the shapes. Uncommonly placed serif-like terminals challenge the technical appearance.

Eksces typeface consists of 3 widths (narrow, regular, extended) which are intertwining with a built-in Contextual Alternates (calt) OpenType feature.

Alternative characters are turned on in the preview (3 widths).


1430 glyphs | 3 widths | Lowercase and Uppercase | Latin
designed by Maciej Połczyński
version 1.0



Punctation and symbols

Eksces – All characters
Eksces – Styles