¶ 1 Declarations and Obligations of the Online Store

The Store / the Seller, within the meaning of the term used in the Terms of Use of the Online Store, available at http://laic.pl/terms, hereby declares that is the exclusive owner of sold Products, including Digital Products.

The Store / the Seller hereby declares that the Products and Digital Products are of the highest quality and were prepared according to technical requirements and provisions of applicable law.

¶ 2 Digital Product

Each and every set of fonts shall be qualified as a Digital Product, which constitutes a Work within the meaning of the art. 1 of the Law of 4 February 1994 on Authors’ Rights and Related Rights (Journal of Laws, consolidated text from 2016, No 666).

¶ 3 Basic License

Upon the conclusion of the Sales Contract of the Digital Product with the Consumer, the Store/ the Seller grants him the Basic License. The Basic License is the license unlimited in time, non-exclusive, worldwide, in: Print (.otf) or Web (.woff2) format, in the fields of use enumerated hereinunder:

regarding the recording and copying of the Digital Product – creating copies of the Digital Product, or the Product containing the Digital Product, by using any means or technique, including printing, reprography, magnetic recording and digital techniques;

regarding the trade of the original or copies on which the Digital Product has been recorded – introduction for sale, lending for use, lease of the original or copies;

regarding the dissemination of the Digital Product in other ways and by other means than those described in subclause b – including public performance, viewing, projection, playback, transmission, retransmission and public providing of the Work in such way, that any person can gain access to the Work in when and where chosen.

The Basic License covers 1 workstation.

The Basic License covers 1 domain and is not limited by the number of pageviews.

The Basic License does not cover derivative rights in any form.

The Basic License does not cover the right to grant further licenses (sub-licenses).

Upon request of the Customer sent to the Seller by means indicated on the website of the Store, the Parties may agree on different conditions of licensing.

¶ 4 Rights and Obligations of the Consumer

The Consumer shall not interfere with the content of the Digital Product with a view to create other Digital Products on its basis. In particular, any attempts to discover or to modify the source code are prohibited.

¶ 5 Final Provisions

In the event of breach of the terms and conditions of the present License, the Store / the Seller is entitled to withdraw from the present contract with immediate effect.

None of the above-mentioned rights shall be granted to any third person, nor any other entity, other than the Consumer.

The present License constitutes a document related to Terms of Use of the Online Store and the Privacy Policy. It shall be therefore interpreted in a complementary way to the aforementioned documents.

Invalidity or ineffectiveness of any provisions of the present License shall not affect the validity and effectiveness of the other provisions that shall remain in force.

All matters not covered by the present License shall be governed by provisions of Polish law, in particular the provisions of the Civil Code.

Any dispute resulting from the execution of the present License shall be settled amicably. In the event that such a settlement cannot be reached, the Parties shall refer the case to the court of the seat of the Store / the Seller.