Please review the list of Frequently Asked Questions.
If you don′t find the information you are looking for or you need more information on any specific subject please contact us through e-mail.

Do I need a seperate license to design logotype?

No, you don’t need a separate license for logotypes.

Can I edit the outlines of letters?

If you are designing a logotype or any other visual material and wish to adjust a letter as a vector drawing you don’t need to purchase an additional license. Editing of the font files is not allowed. If you wish to include the adjustment inside the typeface, please reach out via e-mail about the customisation service offered by Laïc: Type.

Can I submit my fonts?

Yes ! We invite all type designers to join us! To ensure the quality of our products, your fonts must fulfill our criteria. If so, we will gladly invite you to collaborate and release your designs with us.
Please contact us through e-mail.

There is a problem with your font, what should I do?

Please contact via e-mail. Describe the problem, provide a screenshot and a description. That will help!

What font formats do you provide?

Typefaces are currently available in two variants: Print and Web.
Print typefaces are provided in .OTF format.
Web typefaces are provided in .WOFF2 format.
Other formats are available on request.

Can I share the typeface with my friends?

No, sharing typefaces is not allowed. Choose a number of users during check out.
For more users, please contact by e-mail.

What are the limitations of Web license?

You can use our web fonts on a chosen unlimited amount of websites (domains), regardless of amount of pageviews. Embedding Print (.OTF) format on the web is not allowed. Please do not generate other formats (.TTF, .WOFF, .EOT) on your own – if needed, please contact by e-mail.

How do I use your fonts on the web?

CSS! Have a look at @font-face.
If you have trouble embedding the fonts please contact us by e-mail.

Do you provide test fonts?

Yes! Please have a look at Test Fonts Package.

How do I get the fonts?

After the check out process you will be immediately sent a download link via e-mail. In case of direct bank transfer you will recieve the files as soon as we recieve your payment confirmation from the bank. 
Fonts will be also available to redownload from your account after log in.Can I get an invoice?

My order is still not here

Fonts should be sent as soon as your payment is confirmed, if not please contact us with your order number.

I′ve lost my download link, how can I get the font again?

If you registered your account the font will be available to redownload after log in. If not, please send us a message with your order number.

Are your fonts updated?

Yes, in case of any font update, you will be notified through e-mail.

My payment was succesfull, yet I haven′t recieved the fonts?

In case of bank transfer your files will be sent as soon as we recieve a confirmation about payment from the bank.
In case of online transfer the files will be sent to you via e-mail.
Please additionally check your SPAM folder.
If you don′t recieve your files withing 24 hours, please contact us with your order number.