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Krayewski is a display typeface based on sketch lettering of Andre de Krayewski from his book cover "Moje Okładki". The book was published in 2014, followed by artists posters exhibition in Poster Museum in Warsaw.

Andrzej Krajewski, born in Poland was an outstanding illustrator and designer who developed his own style mixing art-deco and pop art. Trained on Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw under supervision of Wojciech Fangor and Henryk Tomaszewski. Many of his designs constists of well-crafted letterings based on a grid or hand gesture.

Krayewski typeface is an All Caps. It consists of Latin, Cyrillic and Greek script, as well as many alternative characters.


736 glyphs | 1 style | All Caps | Latin, Cyrillic, Greek
Designed by Maciej Połczyński
With permission and collaboration of Andre Krayewski
version 1.0