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878 glyphs | 18 styles | 3 widths | 6 weights | Uppercase and Lowercase | Latin and Cyrillic
Designed by Maciej Połczyński
Version 3.0



Maruder (Polish for Marauder) is a reversed contrast display typeface balancing its shapes between heavy, friendly curves and sharp, chiselled-like terminals. The initial sketched an outcome of a trip to a North-East part of France. Each style consists of 878 glyphs. Maruder is available in 6 styles, covering Latin and Cyrillic. (Italics coming soon)

v.2: 5 new weights, improved curves, italic style not available (currently), improved spacing and kerning.
v.3: Maruder family was extended to 3 widths.
In 2019 Maruder received Polish Graphic Design Award in the category of Display Type

Basic Uppercase


Basic Lowercase


Basic Numbers


Basic Punctation


Basic Symbols


Image samples

Maruder – Sample
Maruder – All Styles
Maruder – Sample
Maruder – All Characters
Maruder – Sample
Maruder – Scripts

Available styles

    Maruder Thin

    Maruder Light

    Maruder Regular

    Maruder Medium

    Maruder Bold

    Maruder Black

    Maruder Thin Narrow

    Maruder Light Narrow

    Maruder Regular Narrow

    Maruder Medium Narrow

    Maruder Bold Narrow

    Maruder Black Narrow

    Maruder Thin Wide

    Maruder Light Wide

    Maruder Regular Wide

    Maruder Medium Wide

    Maruder Bold Wide

    Maruder Black Wide