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Maruder (Polish for Marauder) is a reversed contrast display typeface balancing its shapes between heavy, friendly curves and sharp, chiselled-like terminals. The initial sketched an outcome of a trip to a North-East part of France. Each style consists of 878 glyphs. Maruder is available in 6 styles, covering Latin and Cyrillic. (Italics coming soon)

v.2: 5 new weights, improved curves, italic style not available (currently), improved spacing and kerning.
v.3: Maruder family was extended to 3 widths.
In 2019 Maruder received Polish Graphic Design Award in the category of Display Type


878 glyphs | 18 styles | 3 widths | 6 weights | Uppercase and Lowercase | Latin and Cyrillic
Designed by Maciej Połczyński
Version 3.0




Punctation and symbols

Maruder – Sample
Maruder – All Styles
Maruder – Sample
Maruder – All Characters
Maruder – Sample
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