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Заранка, таксама Малінаўка



Obibok (Polish word describing a lazy person avoiding work; a layabout) is a modern sans serif typeface family consisting of 5 styles (Light, Regular, Bold, Black and Inversed).

Round shapes building the glyphs seem to be somewhat squarish and lazy – like a tire low on air. Surprisingly, despite such inspirations behind it, Obibok is built on geometric shapes and has an uncommon proportion between lowercase and uppercase letters. The latter are distinguishably lower compared to classical letter proportions, feeling almost like small caps. Besides the height proportion, uppercase letters are quite wide, which is an overall quality of the typeface.

Obibok will serve as modern display typeface as well as short text in smaller size. This lazy guy knows both latin and Cyrillic script.


774 glyphs | 5 styles | Uppercase and Lowercase | Latin, Cyrillic
designed by Maciej Połczyński
version 1.0