Convention on the Rights of the Child


859 glyphs | 1 style | Unicase (Uppercase)

Latin, Cyrillic, Greek

designed by Maciej Połczyński
based on illustration by Ignacy Chodorowicz (?)
version 1.0

Rygor (‘Rigour’ in Polish) is a display typeface based on book lettering from 1905. The illustration comes from book called “Plays and games as a factor in upbringing” by Stanisław Karpowicz, published in Warsaw. Most probably the lettering was created by Ignacy Chodorowicz – Illustrator and publisher. The appearance is influanced by the period of its release – Art Nouveau.

The research on the illustrator is in progress.

The set was of Rygor was extended with alternative characters, which remain in the same visual style but are their proportions are more modern.

Rygor consists of latin, greek and cyrillic scripts.

Alternative characters are turned on in the preview.

Rygor – All characters
Rygor – Alternatives