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658 glyphs | 6 styles | Lowercase and Uppercase | Latin and Cyrillic
designed by Maciej Połczyński
version 1.0


Nielot (Polish for flightless) is a plain, geometrical typeface. It was inspired by posters created by designers representing Russian Constructivism. Due to this origin, it supports cyrillic script as well as latin.

Thanks to its straight, angular lines creates a feeling of strictness. It is devoid of any decorative elements, exposing its bare construction.

In the constructivist posters the diagonal composition is a distinctive feature, therefore Nielot consists of two different slants as an addition to the regular version.

If you buy Nielot you will recieve all Nielot files (Slant, Backslant, Regular)





Punctation and symbols

Nielot – Sample
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Nielot – Sample
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Nielot – Sample