Krayewski Typeface


Krayewski typeface was designed back in 2018 as a tribute to Andre de Krayewski.
The display typeface is based on a sketch lettering by Andre de Krayewski printed on book cover for “Moje Okładki” (“My Covers”).

Krayewski typeface consists of Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek script. Latin script users will find multiple alternative characters to create unique headlines.

The book, containing multiple designs by the artist was published in 2014 and it was designed by Tytus Klepacz.

The publication was followed by posters exhibition in Poster Museum in Warsaw.
Andrzej Krajewski, born in Poland was illustrator and designer who created his own, unique style mixing different inspirations such as art-deco and pop art.
Trained on Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw under supervision of Wojciech Fangor and Henryk Tomaszewski.

Design support: Pola Małaczewska

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