Nieuk is a dunce!


1387 glyphs | 3 stylistic sets | Unicase (lowercase)

designed by Maciej Połczyński
version 1.0

Nieuk (Polish for dunce) is an experimental, modular typeface with lowercase letters only. Characters where constructed by reflecting, rotating and duplicating only two elements – a straight line and an arch. These two were enough to build three sets of consistent shapes.

As it would be expected from a dunce doesn’t hold a baseline. The letters are placed on various levels and have differing heights. This results in a tendency to connect in unexpected ways. Since it is uncommon for latin-based languages, it creates an illusion of foreign script

The typeface creates playful, dynamic-looking sentences. Headlines set in Nieuk are eye-catching and modern. OpenType feature Contextual Alternates (calt) allows to intertwine the three sets.

Nieuk – All characters
Nieuk – Alternatives
Nieuk – Sample